Heroes’ corner

Merced, CA, City Carrier Assistant Penny Guillory

Merced, CA, City Carrier Assistant Penny Guillory was driving to work recently when she noticed a man on the side of the road waving for help.

When Guillory stopped, the man told her a passenger in his vehicle fainted. Guillory began performing CPR on the woman while another passerby, April Wagnon, called 911.

Wagnon then helped Guillory. For more than 15 minutes, the two women took turns delivering chest compressions.

Once paramedics arrived and took over, Guillory approached Wagnon to make sure she was OK. “We hugged and said ‘good job’ to each other,” Wagnon told the Inside CDCR news service.

Merced Postmaster Yulanda Shurn-Williams praised Guillory’s actions.

“Although Penny’s actions were heroic, she doesn’t see herself as a hero. She’s just happy the woman will be OK,” Shurn-Williams said.