Watch your back

The new Safety Depends on Me videos show employees how to avoid back injuries.

The Postal Service has released two Safety Depends on Me videos to help employees avoid lifting injuries.

The “Watch Your Back” and “Reach-Pull” videos also emphasize the importance of practicing good ergonomics at work.

To help prevent lifting injuries, do the following:

  • Before lifting, get close to the item and center your body over your feet.
  • Bend at the knees and keep your back straight.
  • Use your legs to lift and unload heavy objects.
  • Hold the load close to your body at about waist height and do not twist. Twisting is one of the most common causes of back injuries.
  • Use ergonomics tools and devices to position or re-position objects.
  • Change positions throughout your workday to minimize constant muscle tension and fatigue. Pace yourself and take short breaks to stretch and relax muscles.

Being ergonomically correct is also important at home. Employees are encouraged to show family members the safe way to lift so they can avoid injuries too.