Right place, right time

Greater Boston District Information Systems Manager Natalie Fitzpatrick and Worcester, MA, Post Office Acting Supervisor Tim Lacroix speak at the networking session.

More than 130 Postal Service employees received encouraging news at a recent career networking session: You’re in the right place at the right time.

“There are tremendous opportunities for you all,” Greater Boston District Manager Mike Powers told attendees at the session, held in Shrewsbury, MA.

The Postal Service’s growing package delivery business is creating opportunities for advancement, Powers said.

The workforce also is evolving: In Greater Boston District alone, more than 300 Executive Administrative Schedule (EAS) employees are eligible to retire this year.

To accommodate these changes, USPS has made workforce development a priority, including providing employees with more training and professional development.

Districts also are holding career conferences to give employees opportunities to meet managers and learn about job openings.

In addition to the Shrewsbury session, Greater Boston District held a similar meeting in Boston that drew about 180 employees. Additional sessions are planned later this year.

Attendees said they were encouraged by the information and advice they received.

“This meeting has given me important insights about ways to step outside the box and determine where I want to be,” said Central Massachusetts P&DC Mail Handler Dina Yeboah.