Mobile milestone

Mobile Delivery Devices are used to scan packages as they move through the USPS network.

The Postal Service has deployed more than 200,000 Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs), an important milestone for a program that makes it easier for customers to know where their packages are.

The 200,000th device was one of several deployed to the Craig, MO, Post Office.

“Mobile Delivery Devices are improving the way USPS serves its customers, and we’re excited to be part of that change,” said Postmaster Barney Farley.

MDDs are used to scan packages as they move through the USPS network, including when letter and rural carriers deliver them. Customers can access this information instantaneously through the My package-tracking app.

The new devices offer real-time scanning and GPS data, so carriers no longer need to carry both scanners and cell phones. The on-screen signature capability frees carriers from the task of filling out paper delivery receipts, improving efficiency.

The MDDs are part of a broader effort to provide employees with tools to help them perform their jobs more effectively.

The Postal Service plans to distribute more than 260,000 MDDs altogether. The remaining devices are expected to be distributed by Sept. 18.