Profitable tip

Boston Vehicle Maintenance Facility Acting Manager Henry Burke

Boston Vehicle Maintenance Facility Acting Manager Henry Burke was talking with the owner of a transportation firm. The owner said he currently used one shipping company for domestic shipping and another for international, but was interested in shifting some business to the Postal Service.

Burke submitted the lead to Boston Field Sales Representative Mark Zolla, who met with the owner and explained how USPS products could help the firm save money and improve customer satisfaction.

After meeting with Zolla, the owner decided to ship overnight envelopes and small truck parts with the Postal Service. Burke’s lead resulted in nearly $25,000 in new revenue for the organization.

“I talk to a lot of people and promote the Postal Service whenever I can,” said Burke, whose efforts were recently recognized by District Manager Mike Powers and Northeast Area VP Richard Uluski.

While it’s unusual for a sales lead to originate at a maintenance facility, Uluski said, it shows opportunities for new postal business are everywhere.

“It’s going to take all 600,000 postal employees looking for opportunities to grow revenue,” Uluski said.