Revenue raisers

Recent Business Connect honorees. From left, clockwise: Duncan, AZ, Postmaster Alvin Soto; West Lafayette, IN, Customer Services Manager Barbara Matson, Santa Ana, CA, Customer Services Manager Hector Montalvo; and Lemont Furnace, PA, Postmaster Rachelle Frick.

Four employees were honored this week for their contributions to Business Connect, a program that encourages Postmasters and other managers to promote USPS products and services to small businesses.

The honorees:

  • Rachelle Frick, Postmaster in Lemont Furnace, PA, was honored for her efforts during the second quarter of 2015, when her Post Office raised its Priority Mail revenue by 131 percent compared to the same period one year earlier.
  • Barbara Matson, a customer services manager in West Lafayette, IN, also was recognized for her efforts during the second quarter, when her office raised revenue by 7.8 percent.
  • Hector Montalvo, a customer services manager in Santa Ana, CA, was honored for his contributions during the fourth quarter of 2014. Revenue in his area increased 5.6 percent during this period.
  • Alvin Soto, Postmaster in Duncan, AZ, was recognized for his second-quarter efforts, which helped his office raise revenue by 81 percent.

In addition to boosting the Postal Service’s bottom line, the honorees were cited for their efforts to promote Every Door Direct Mail, Priority Mail, Priority Mail International and other products and services geared toward small businesses.