Training time


Two CyberSafe at USPS training courses are now available to help employees protect themselves online.

These courses are part of the Strategic Training Initiative, which aims to boost employees’ knowledge on the most important topics in the Postal Service.

The courses:

  • CyberSafe 101: Passwords and Phishing (course number 10024251) is required for all employees with active ACE user IDs. Participants will learn to create effective passwords and avoid online scams aimed at stealing information.
  • CyberSafe 201: Data Protection (course number 10024852) is required for users with active ACE IDs who handle sensitive information. This course will offer guidelines on keeping this information safe.

Employees who are required to complete the courses must do so before April 30. Users who don’t meet this deadline will have their system access suspended until the courses are completed.

The courses are part of the Postal Service’s efforts to prepare employees to secure information at work and home.

The Blue CyberSafe at USPS site has more information on security training.