Horse play

Guernsey, WY, Postmaster Curt Artery uses the Pony Express route to deliver mail.

Guernsey, WY, Postmaster Curt Artery recently loaded mailbags onto a horse to begin a special route.

Artery and others delivered letters and Valentine’s Day cards along a 24-mile portion of the historic Pony Express trail.

The riders trekked through a foot of snow from the Ft. Laramie Post Office, over the Oregon Trail ruts and to the Guernsey Post Office.

The Pony Express allowed riders on horseback to move mail between California and Missouri from 1860-1861.

Other groups also have saddled up to recreate the storied delivery service.

In some places, however, four-legged delivery isn’t a relic of the past.

The Postal Service still uses mules to deliver mail to residents in the small town of Supai, AZ.