Stamp on history

Washington, DC, Retail Associate LaDonna Cooke hand-stamps President Obama’s letter. Also pictured, from left, International Postal Affairs Specialist Jason Bloom, Sr. Public Relations Representative Darlene Casey, International Postal Affairs Executive Director Lea Emerson, Washington Postmaster Gerald Roane and White House officials.

LaDonna Cooke has left her stamp on history.

The Postal Service retail associate recently placed a special pictorial cancellation on a letter President Obama wrote to a 76-year-old Havana woman.

The letter was one of the first mailpieces sent from the United States to the Cuba after the two nations resumed regular mail service for the first time in more than 50 years.

“It is still amazing that a simple postmark can put a stamp on history in the making,” Cooke said.

With USPS and White House representatives looking on, Cooke hand-stamped the letter during a ceremony in Washington, DC.

Cooke, a 27-year USPS employee, works at a Post Office at the National Postal Museum. She said she was honored to have a hand in making history.

“I am truly in awe that I can be a part of it, along with the Postal Service,” Cooke said.