Green by the bay

San Francisco P&DC Maintenance Operations Manager Tedwin Chin is interviewed by KCBS reporter Chris Fillipi recently.

San Francisco District is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by recycling more waste, becoming a model for other districts across the nation.

“The district has done a complete about-face,” said Pacific Area VP Dean Granholm, who praised employees for making changes after a 2014 audit found facilities were throwing away too many recyclable items.

The San Francisco Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) has led the way by re-training its 3,500 employees, adding more recycling containers and improving signage.

These changes reduced the waste the facility sends to landfills by 70 percent, saving more than $200,000 annually.

“It’s not really hard to do. It’s just making sure everybody is educated and committed,” Maintenance Operations Manager Tedwin Chin told KCBS radio.

San Francisco was an early participant in the National Recycling Operation, which will be implemented nationwide in all 67 districts, said Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day.

Municipal leaders, who want to make the city a “zero waste environment,” recently commended the district and its employees, who are eager to build on their success.

“We still have a ways to go, but we’re on track,” said Terrye Bawcum, the P&DC’s recycling coordinator.