Into the storm

USPS employees are preparing for hurricane season, which runs from June 1-Nov. 30 each year.

Postal Service employees have experience dealing with bad weather — especially in South Florida, which is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms.

The organization has educated the region’s 11,000 employees about the importance of keeping the mail moving throughout this year’s hurricane season, which began June 1 and will continue into the fall.

“Now more than ever, we are delivering packages and medication, and a lot of customers depend on that medicine. Therefore, our employees understand the role that we play,” Sr. Plant Manager Juan Gonzalez says in a recent TV news report about South Florida’s efforts.

The Postal Service’s storm preparations include ensuring steady supplies of gas for USPS vehicles, water for employees and power for plants like the 860,000-square-foot Royal Palm Processing and Distribution Center in Opa-locka, FL.

The goal is to resume operations quickly after a storm, according to Operations Programs Support Manager Janice Atherly.

“Restore service to the customers as soon as possible because that makes them feel better,” Atherly says. “They see us out there and they know that things are going to be OK.”

The USPS National Preparedness site on Blue has additional information.