Every dollar counts

USPS is striving to reduce revenue shortfalls stemming from insufficient postage.

The Postal Service is upgrading equipment, investing in new technology and working with vendors to ensure customers pay accurate postage.

Insufficient postage, which usually stems from incorrect weight or package dimensions, costs USPS millions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

To reduce these shortfalls, the Postal Service is upgrading its network of scales and dimensional scanners on mail processing equipment. The new scales and scanners are now being installed.

The Postal Service is also working with PC Postage vendors — including eBay, Stamps.com and Endicia — to automate the collection of insufficient postage on packages.

“Collecting revenue shortfalls are critical to the Postal Service’s financial health,” said Mailing and Payment Technology VP Pritha Mehra. “An automated process will result in a substantially higher degree of short-paid recovery and lower manual administrative costs for the Postal Service.”