Just add water

Carmine McDaniel and Newport News, VA, Letter Carrier Henry Bailey share cold beverages this week.

Carmine McDaniel wanted to help his letter carrier recently when the heat index in Newport News, VA, zoomed past 105 degrees.

The 8-year-old Postal Service fan left a cooler on his front steps with a note that read, “Mailman: Water and Gatorade in cooler. Have a good day.”

“[Letter carriers] are really important so people can pay their bills [and] I didn’t want him to pass out,” Carmine told the local ABC station.

Henry Bailey, the letter carrier, who has delivered mail for more than 20 years, is heard on home security video saying, “Yes!” after opening the cooler.

“Sometimes it just makes your day,” Bailey said of receiving the cold refreshments.

The Postal Service recommends employees drink plenty of water during hot weather.

Carmine is not done helping carriers beat the heat.

“This morning we filled [the cooler] back up,” he said.