Success streak

The Postal Service’s national Priority Mail score improved three percentage points during fiscal 2016’s third quarter.

The Postal Service has made significant improvements in Priority Mail deliveries, led by two areas that are exceeding national performance targets.

During the current fiscal year’s third quarter (April 1-June 30), the nationwide Priority Mail score improved almost three percentage points compared to one year earlier. The score measures on-time deliveries and other service standards.

For the first time, two areas — Eastern and Capital Metro — outperformed the national Priority Mail targets.

Forty-four districts met or exceeded the targets, led by Western Pennsylvania and Western New York in Eastern Area and Greater Michigan in Great Lakes Area.

“This was an historic 12-week streak,” said Chief Operating Officer Dave Williams. “I am extremely proud of the service performance that our employees and managers are driving for our organization and our customers.”

Eastern Area attributes its success to its focus on scanning, clearing volumes and taking a daily “deep dive” into operational analytics.

“Consistency is the key,” said Eastern Area VP Joshua Colin. “We consistently make sure employees understand the importance of providing our customers with the service and visibility they deserve.”