Always ready

Postal Inspectors are screening mail and providing other security at this year’s national political conventions.

The Postal Inspection Service is helping to keep this year’s national political conventions safe for USPS and attendees.

Inspectors are securing mail, facilities, vehicles and employees in Philadelphia, where the Democrats are meeting this week. Inspectors performed the same duties last week in Cleveland, where the Republicans met.

“We’re here to serve,” said Postal Inspector Paul Krenn. “Providing security is one of our highest priorities. In fact, it’s part of our mission.”

Conventions traditionally draw the party faithful, as well as protesters.

Inspectors from across the United States are coordinating with federal and local law enforcement agencies not only to help provide security, but also to mitigate any negative effects on mail service in and around the convention areas.

Inspectors also are looking to employees for help.

“We’re counting on them to keep their eyes open for things that are out of place,” Krenn said.

“They already do that every day. We don’t expect any issues, but maintaining a heightened level of awareness during the conventions helps us better protect all involved, and avoid any unnecessary service disruptions.”