On the rise

Direct mailings remain an effective method to communicate with voters, according to a new report from Campaigns & Elections.

Direct mail is making a comeback this election year, according to a new report on the Campaigns & Elections news site.

The article, written by political consultant Eric Jaye, predicts the Postal Service will see the most Political Mail in its history during this election cycle.

Several explanations are offered, including the low cost of direct mailings when compared to TV and other forms of advertising.

Additionally, in today’s highly partisan atmosphere, the “persuadable” percentage of the electorate is shrinking. This makes it more cost-effective to use direct mail to target undecided voters rather than paying for blanket TV and radio coverage.

The report also cites research that shows digital advertising campaigns reach only about half their target audience.

However, when direct mail was added to the digital platforms, there is a noticeable boost in readership, the report notes.

The Postal Service is working with Campaigns & Elections and other organizations during this election cycle.