People power

Professional development opportunities are available to all USPS employees, such as those at the Greensboro, NC, Processing and Distribution Center.

The Postal Service offers employees opportunities to advance their careers, Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson says.

For example, USPS has an extensive 18-month leadership training program that allows participants to spend time in various positions throughout the organization, including Human Resources and Information Technology.

“Understanding and seeing what happens on a daily basis behind the curtain is really foundational to understanding how you can positively impact that,” Williamson tells Federal News Radio in a new interview.

“Those rotations, those observations — not just in the initial programs but throughout your career — are absolutely critical to being effective in these jobs.”

The Postal Service also offers career paths for newcomers, including 35,000 employees who were converted to career status last year.

USPS is also hiring employees for technical positions like industrial engineering.

“We are a fantastic organization for industrial engineering,” Williamson says.

The interview is one of several recent USPS-themed segments from Federal News Radio.

Other interviews have featured Jim Cochrane, chief marketing and sales officer; Gary Reblin, New Products and Innovation vice president; and Guy Cottrell, chief postal inspector.