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USPS has more contract tractor-trailers that run on alternative fuels.

The Postal Service and its highway contract suppliers have increased the number of tractor-trailers that run on alternative fuels, part of the organization’s broader efforts to become more sustainable.

In fiscal 2015, USPS suppliers used 72 tractor-trailers that run on natural gas — up from 39 such vehicles one year earlier.

This increase more than doubled the number of annual miles operated by natural gas vehicles to 6.6 million miles. The increase also more than doubled the number of natural gas gallons used by the tractors to 1.1 million gallons.

“The Postal Service and its transportation contractors recognize the importance of natural gas and other alternative fuels,” said Bridget Rice, surface transportation manager for Supply Management.

“Not only does this change reduce our carbon impact on the environment by decreasing our dependence on petroleum fuel, it also helps protect USPS and contractors from the price volatility associated with diesel fuels.”

The Postal Service is continuing to work with suppliers to increase the number of vehicles that use alternative fuels. By December, USPS estimates it will have approximately 140 contract tractor-trailers running on alternative fuels.

The Sustainability Blue site has more information about the Postal Service’s environmental efforts.