Overnight stars

Employees who’ve helped Los Angeles District boost its Priority Mail overnight score include, from left, Postal Support Employee Clerk La’Tiera Atkins, Customer Service Acting Supervisor Jason Haywood, Distribution Operations supervisors Tamra Jenkins and Cherry Ngo, and Operations Industrial Engineer Jordan Tolson.

USPS is moving mail more efficiently in Los Angeles District, where managers and employees are taking new approaches to overnight mail processing.

The district recently boosted its Priority Mail overnight score to a 4-week average of 95 percent, an 11-point increase. The score measures the percentage of on-time Priority Mail overnight parcel deliveries.

The improvements stem from a series of changes at the Los Angeles Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC), including better communication between managers and employees on different tours, as well as a sharper focus on scanning throughout the district.

The P&DC also reduced morning late trips of mail from plants to delivery units by addressing internal congestion issues, improving team communications, and identifying equipment needs. By making these changes, the plant has cut late morning trips by more than half.

All changes were made through Lean Six Sigma, a business improvement process that the Postal Service uses to boost efficiency and cut costs.

“These improvements reflect the ingenuity and hard work of our managers and employees,” said District Manager Al Santos. “Our success also reflects the value of Lean Six Sigma and its ability to bring people together and find better ways to serve our customers.”