Mobile Delivery Devices offer a variety of features, including GPS tracking and turn-by-turn directions.

MDDs: Yeah, you know me.

Or do you?

Mobile Delivery Devices (MDDs) can scan packages and other mail. Did you also know the devices can perform several other safety-related tasks?

The latest MDD models can:

  • Accept text messages. Supervisors use this feature regularly. Notably, it was used to warn letter carriers of civil unrest in Baltimore last year.
  • Send “pre-populated” text messages. Employees can report accidents, vehicle damage and police and fire emergencies to their local office.
  • Receive corporate communications. This feature is used to send weekly safety messages to all letter carriers.
  • Generate GPS tracking. This feature allows carriers to view their routes and receive alerts for hazardous conditions.
  • Offer directions. USPS can use MDDs to provide turn-by-turn directions for dynamic routes, eliminating the need for hardcopy directions. This feature is in the process of being rolled out to Sunday delivery hubs.
  • Get hazard alerts. These alerts include potentially dangerous animals, hazardous road conditions, and other trip hazards.
  • Receive Amber alerts. This feature is used to display and report sightings of missing children.

The new safety features are part of the Postal Service’s effort to improve overall employee safety.

The MDD Blue page has additional information.