Sound check

Customers can use Package Intercept to redirect shipments before they’re delivered.

USPS is making two improvements to Package Intercept, a service that allows customers to redirect shipments that haven’t been delivered or released for delivery.

Employees who use the Passive Adaptive Scanning System will now hear a louder sound when they scan a parcel that has been designated for interception.

This change took effect Aug. 17.

Beginning Sept. 30, employees who use Delivery Scheme-less Sortation machines will hear the alert and see the words “Package Intercept” displayed when a parcel designated for interception arrives. Previously, only the abbreviation “PI” appeared.

“Package Intercept is a star player at the Postal Service,” said Retail and Customer Service Operations VP Kelly Sigmon. “These new alerts will help improve intercept accuracy and make sure that packages get where they need to go.”

The Package Intercept Blue page has additional information.