Survey says

Bedford Park, IL, retail associates Surinder Sidhu and Rosalind Traylor complete Postal Pulse surveys earlier this year.

USPS is gearing up for the next Postal Pulse survey, the organization’s twice-a-year tool to measure employee engagement.

Engagement refers to employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and commitment to their organization.

The survey measures engagement levels using a scale of 1 to 5. During the most recent survey, conducted earlier this year, USPS raised its grand mean score to 3.24, up from last year’s score of 3.16.

Here are important dates to know:

  • Oct. 4: By this date, most employees should receive the survey at their workplace. Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) and Postal Career Executive Services (PCES) will receive the survey by email.
  • Oct. 18: Most employees will begin receiving the survey at their home address by this date.
  • Nov. 4: This is the survey return deadline. Employees should mail their completed surveys by this date.
  • Mid-December: This is the approximate period when the survey results will be ready.
  • Early January: By this period, managers and supervisors should be sharing the results and conducting state-of-the-team conversations with their employees.

A postcard with information about the Postal Pulse will be mailed to employees’ homes in mid-September.

The Employee Engagement LiteBlue site has more information about the survey and other topics.