Touch the sky

Trine Longaker is using social media to ask people to send postcards to her son, Skyler, 5, who is preparing for surgery in November. Image: KING-TV

Five-year-old Skyler Longaker already knows what the inside of a hospital looks like — and if his mother’s wish comes true, he’ll know what the rest of the world looks like, too.

Trine Longaker of Edmonds, WA, is using social media to request postcards from around the world for Skyler, who has craniosynostosis, a birth defect that has affected his brain’s growth.

“We are hoping to show this guy the world through postcards,” Trine told KING-TV.

As Skyler prepares to travel out of state for another medical procedure, Trine hopes he can bring along images of faraway places.

“It will fill his plain old hospital room with pictures of other countries and states and make it a little brighter of a situation,” she said.

News organizations have published the address for people who wish to send postcards: Team Super Sky, PO Box 60234, Shoreline WA 98160.