Answering the call

Skyler Longaker, 5, is receiving postcards from USPS employees across the nation.

Trine Longaker has a special message for postal employees: “Thank you for making my little boy’s day.”

Last month, Link shared Trine’s request for postcards for her five-year-old son, Skyler, who has a birth defect that has affected his brain’s growth.

Trine recently contacted Link to express her gratitude for all the mail Skyler has received from employees who were moved by his story.

Norman, OK, employees included the state’s history in their letter, along with baseball caps and T-shirts.

Clintonville, WI, employees sent a Beanie Babies toy and coloring books. “All of our best to the bravest boy we know. Our friend Skyler,” they wrote.

An employee in Frannie, WY, sent a commemorative Wyoming postcard and wrote, “I like to give them out to special people.”

Skyler loves getting mail and is feeling the love from his new postal friends.

“I don’t know how to thank you all, but please know you have filled my heart and have brought me to tears with all the wonderful love and hope you have brought to my son,” said Trine.

“Thank you for showing him there are kind people in the world still.”