Mail magic

The young wizard receives some mail in the 2001 film “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

A Canadian marketing expert is encouraging clients to follow Harry Potter’s lead and discover the magic of direct mail.

In a new LinkedIn post, Steve Falk challenges the perception that young adults — also known as millennials — respond best to online communication.

He cites research that shows 66 percent of millennials have responded to a direct mailpiece.

Clients should get creative and break through the digital clutter to grab the attention of millennials, Falk advises.

As an example, he highlights a recent social media post from a millennial who received an invitation to an event organized by the company that operates the Harry Potter franchise.

The invitation emulated Harry’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts, right down to the wax seal that fastened the envelope flap.

“He was so excited about the event and the invitation that he photographed it and shared it on Facebook for all to see,” Falk writes. “It was a pretty cool use of print to reach a demographic that one might think would be better served through email.”

USPS also encourages business customers to use mail creatively through its Irresistible Mail initiative and discounts to companies that incorporate technology into their mailpieces.