Feeling the love

Santa Ana, CA, Retail Associate Greg McKinley reviews a CFC catalog with Mail Handler Jane Velarde, a local CFC coordinator.

Employees across the nation are pledging their support to Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) charities following recent kickoff events.

In Pacific Area’s Santa Ana District, Mail Handler Jane Velarde, a local CFC coordinator, is educating employees on the importance of CFC and explaining how easy it is to contribute.

“I use payroll deduction and never miss my contribution,” she said. “Where else can you give to so many different charities of your choice at one time?”

The CFC, the world’s largest charity drive, allows federal employees to contribute to more than 18,000 nonprofit organizations through payroll deductions or one-time cash or check donations.

This year’s theme is Show Some Love.”

Bay-Valley District employees are also stepping up to the plate following a recent event that featured representatives from the Alzheimer’s Foundation, Ariel Outreach Mission and 1000 Mothers Against Violence.

“Bay-Valley, led by Oakland City, is off to a roaring start,” said Alamo, CA, Postmaster Anne Marie McClure.

Employees can make CFC contributions through Dec. 15.

Contact your local campaign manager or visit the CFC site for additional information.