Still going strong

Customer Connect encourages letter carriers to leverage their relationships with business customers.

Customer Connect, a program that encourages letter carriers to identify new business opportunities for the Postal Service, is continuing its growth streak.

The program generated more than 47,000 leads in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, up 34 percent from one year earlier. Customer Connect also generated more than $148 million in estimated annualized revenue, a 68 percent increase from a year earlier.

To celebrate this success, USPS has designated Nov. 17 Customer Connect Appreciation Day. The date marks the one-year anniversary of Customer Connect’s celebration of hitting $2 billion in estimated annualized revenue.

Sales and Customer Relations Sr. VP Cliff Rucker is encouraging employees to participate in Customer Connect and other lead programs, such as Clerks Care for craft clerks and Rural Reach for rural carriers.

“Employee engagement programs are an important channel to helping uncover local businesses that can realize value through our products and services,” Rucker said. “I want to thank those employees who have submitted leads and continue to encourage every Postal Service employee to identify one high potential lead over the next 12 months.”

Customer Connect is a partnership with the National Association of Letter Carriers. The Sales Blue page has information about all lead programs.