See you tomorrow

Nikki Perry, Lilburn’s city hall public relations manager, and Postmaster David Hinesley add items to the time capsule.

Lilburn, GA, Postmaster David Hinesley recently sent a letter to the future.

The note was included in a time capsule created to commemorate the opening of a new city hall and library complex in Lilburn, an Atlanta suburb.

The time capsule will remain sealed until 2066.

“The Post Office is becoming more of a package-based business, but nothing is more cherished than receiving a letter from someone close to you,” Hinesley wrote.

The Lilburn Post Office also contributed memorabilia to the capsule, including a Priority Mail envelope containing names and photographs of the office’s employees.

Other contributions included a picture of Hinesley’s late father, H. Preston Hinesley, who previously served as Postmaster for eight years.

“This is another great way to honor my dad, who taught me a lot about the Post Office,” Hinesley said.

“He got me in the business. I won’t be here in 50 years, but people will see that a father and son had been Postmasters here, and that there were great employees in 2016.”