Autumn achievements

Bethesda, MD, Letter Carrier Evan Pratama gets ready to deliver holiday mail and packages in December.

The Postal Service was in election mode as the final three months of the year began.

Employees delivered approximately 85 million election mailpieces and 1.3 billion political mailpieces during the six-week period before Election Day. Altogether, USPS delivered more than 2 billion pieces of election and political mail during this election cycle.

PMG Megan J. Brennan praised employees for their efforts, noting USPS once again played “a significant role in the democratic process.”

Fall also brought more weather challenges, including flooding in the Southeast and blizzards in the Northeast and Midwest.

Additionally, the Postal Service announced its fiscal 2016 year-end financial results, including a 15.8 percent increase in shipping revenue.

It was also a time to express gratitude for employees.

As Veterans Day approached, USPS provided employees who served in the military with special lapel pins they can wear year-round.

In her annual Thanksgiving message, the PMG told employees she is “continually inspired by your collective efforts on behalf of the Postal Service.”

And as the holiday season continued, USPS announced it expected to deliver about 16 billion mailpieces — including 750 million packages, a 12 percent increase from last year’s volumes.