Moments of youth

Jennifer Kraft and her daughter, Sophia, and husband, Kory, visit the Sewell, NJ, Post Office this year.

Kids today. Who says they don’t appreciate mail?

Some of the Postal Service’s most passionate proponents in 2016 were children.

Consider Alex Myteberi, the 6-year-old New York boy who met President Obama after he wrote him a heartfelt letter about the Syrian refuge crisis.

Earlier, Obama praised Carmine McDaniel, a Newport News, VA, boy who filled a cooler with water for his local letter carrier, Henry Bailey, during a recent heat wave.

Other youngsters who showed their appreciation for mail include Sophia Kraft, a 3-year-old New Jersey girl who dresses as a letter carrier, and Matthew Watkins, a 17-year-old leukemia patient and USPS fan who was honored with a postal parade.

Several seriously ill children captured attention this year after relatives asked social media users to mail the children postcards as a show of support.

Examples include Ellie Walton of Spanaway, WA; Chase Howard of Marietta, GA; and Skyler Longaker, an Edmonds, WA, boy who received so many messages from USPS employees, his mom, Trine Longaker, contacted Link to express her appreciation.

“Thank you for showing him there are kind people in the world still,” she wrote.

The Link archive has more stories of kids using mail this year.