If you want to achieve your goals, experts recommend following SMART principles.

For many people, every new year brings a new set of goals. But setting goals — and more importantly, keeping them — can be daunting.

Research shows most people never achieve their resolutions.

To help you meet your goals — whether they are health, financial, social or career — experts suggest taking a SMART approach.

In other words, your goal setting should be:

• Specific: Make your goals concrete and detailed by writing them down.

• Measurable: Ask yourself how you will know that you met your goal.

• Achievable: Can your goal be accomplished in the proposed time frame?

• Realistic: Do you have the resources needed to achieve your goal?

• Timely: When is the targeted date of completion?

You can use the Wellness team’s new online self-reporting calendars to hold yourself accountable and keep your goals on track.

The Wellness LiteBlue page has additional information, including budgeting tips for employees who want to trim their costs this year.