Here’s the pitch

Capital District Sr. Field Sales Representative Natasha Persaud

USPS Sales employees discuss their careers in a new job recruitment video.

“Our brand is trusted and proven,” says Capital District Sr. Field Sales Representative Natasha Persaud. “As a sales person, it’s the perfect opportunity.”

The Postal Service also offers “cutting edge” products that incorporate technology such as augmented reality, says Dallas District Sr. Sales Executive Jay Herring.

“We are not your grandfather’s Post Office,” Herring says. “We show [customers] how they can actually scan a piece of mail that turns into a video, [and it gets] their attention.”

Capital District Sales Executive Jonathan Goodman says he appreciates the opportunity to serve business customers of all sizes.

“Being able to solve a [marketing or shipping] problem, whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop or a Fortune 500 company, it is really rewarding,” he says.

The 4-minute video is featured on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. Some employees may be unable to watch external videos on postal computers.