Kennedy mystique

JFK-related stamps

The new stamp that commemorates the 100th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s birth isn’t the first time the Postal Service has honored the 35th president. Here’s a look at four other JFK-related stamps, courtesy of “The list.”

1. Kennedy Memorial stamp. This 5-cent stamp was issued May 29, 1964 — the first birthday following the president’s assassination. It showed Kennedy and a quote from his inaugural address: “… And the glow from that fire can truly light the world.”

2. John F. Kennedy stamp. In 1967, Kennedy was honored on his 50th birthday with a 13-cent stamp in the Prominent Americans series.

3. Kennedy Air Mail Aérogramme. JFK was remembered on an 11-cent aerogram issued May 29, 1965, and again on a 13-cent aerogram of the same design issued May 29, 1967.

4. Ameripex ’86 Presidents of the United States IV stamp. This 22-cent stamp, issued in 1986, featured a drawn portrait of Kennedy and his signature.

The Postal Service’s Feb. 20 news release has more information about past JFK stamps. Got ideas for future editions of “The list”? Email them to