‘Little mailman’

Child and postal employee

A Pennsylvania boy who wants to be a letter carrier when he grows up recently got some words of encouragement from the Postal Service employee who inspired him.

The child, a 4-year-old named Logan, would wait for Bloomsburg, PA, City Carrier Assistant Wes Winter on his porch and check the mailbox multiple times a day.

When Winter decided to pursue another career, he wrote to the “little mailman.”

“Today is my last day delivering mail,” Winter wrote. “I really enjoyed it, but I went to school for something else and I found a job that fits me better.”

He added that he hopes to return to the postal world one day: “There’s a job called a Postal Inspector that I’m really interested in. … I promise you’ll be the first one I tell if I get the job!”

Logan’s aunt, Emily Giese, published the letter on Facebook. The post went viral and has been shared more than 2,500 times, receiving coverage on sites such as PopSugar.

Winter said he wanted to encourage Logan so he could properly greet “the next regular mailman to make his way around the block.”

He concluded by praising Logan’s enthusiasm, adding: “[D]on’t lose the spark.”