Winning connections

USPS employees

USPS honored several employees at this year’s National Postal Forum (NPF) in Baltimore.

Six employees were recognized for their work with Business Connect, a program that encourages Postmasters and station managers to initiate discussions with customers about USPS products and services.

The honorees, all Postmasters, are:

  • Tasha Gilliam (Fairplay, SC)
  • Brittany Hable (Belle Plaine, MN)
  • Donald Ingram (Greensburg, KY)
  • John Martin (Vincennes, IN)
  • Melody Salyer (McKee, KY)
  • Jo Ann Wells (Meade, KS)

The Postal Service also recognized several employees for their efforts to register new business customers for NPF:

  • Business Service Network Representative Matthew Bartholomew (Minneapolis)
  • Sierra Coastal District Sales Manager Rosalinda Beattie (Santa Clarita, CA)
  • Consumer and Industry Contact Acting Manager Stephanie Gonzales (San Antonio)
  • Business Mail Entry Manager Michael Graybill (Santa Clarita, CA)
  • Business Alliances Specialist Erick Keskey (Minneapolis)
  • Business Service Network Representative Doni Morgan (Baltimore)
  • Business Alliances Specialist Peggy Osborne (St. Charles, MO)
  • Consumer and Industry Contact Manager Natalie Sorvari (Minneapolis)
  • Field Account Representative Margarita Wilensky (Alameda, CA)
  • Business Service Network Acting Representative Da Shiek Woodard (Santa Clarita, CA)
  • Sierra Coastal District Marketing Manager Ramela Younekian (Santa Clarita, CA)
  • Field Account Representative Diane Young (Salt Lake City)

NPF, the mailing and shipping industry’s largest annual conference, concluded May 24.