Plain and simple

The Postal Service has simplified the marking and documentation requirements for mailers who are authorized to ship ethanol-based flammable liquids and solids in air transportation.

Here’s what you should know:

• Mailers who use Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail and First-Class Package Service to ship limited quantities of ethanol-based flammable solids and liquids — such as perfumes — must first obtain authorization from the Product Classification manager.

• USPS has removed several requirements — including identification number ID8000, the proper shipping name “Consumer Commodity” and the Department of Transportation hazardous materials warning labels — from air-eligible mailpieces that contain ethanol-based liquids and solids.

• Shippers are no longer required to affix a declaration for dangerous goods on the outside of the affected mailpiece.

• Mailers are still required to follow all packaging, marking and notification requirements detailed in Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable Mail, Appendix C, Packing Instruction 3D.

• Mailpieces must be marked with the complete company name, return address, delivery address and the statement “Contains Air-Eligible Ethyl Alcohol – Authorization No.” in 14-point type.

Mailers who are interested in obtaining authorization to ship ethanol-based liquids and solids using air transportation services should consult Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable Mail, section 343.27.

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