Easy does it

Employee prepares to take a passport photo

USPS has introduced a tool that allows customers to schedule passport application appointments online.

The Retail Customer Appointment Scheduler (RCAS), which is available at usps.com/scheduler, offers customers the option to schedule their passport application appointments at more than 3,100 participating Post Office locations.

“The RCAS tool provides customers with an easy, convenient way to schedule appointments to apply for their passport,” said Retail and Customer Service Operations Vice President Kelly Sigmon.

To make an appointment online, customers select the desired day for their appointment and enter their location to see a list of nearby Post Offices that offer passport services.

After scheduling a passport appointment, customers are also encouraged to select Informed Delivery, a new feature that allows users to preview their mail and manage their packages when they’re not home.

Passports are a revenue stream for USPS, which accepts about 6 million passport applications annually.

The Postal Service’s Jan. 29 news release has additional information, including a list of items customers should bring to their appointments.