What to wear

yellow vest

Special vests are now available for the safety ambassadors at Postal Service facilities.

Safety ambassadors are employees who volunteer to help USPS identify and abate hazards, raise awareness of safe work practices and improve communication on safety matters.

The ambassadors should wear the new vests to help identify them when they perform safety-related tasks. Each vest is yellow and features reflective material and the title “safety ambassador” printed on the back.

The one-size-fits-all vests cost $10.28 apiece. Managers and supervisors can place orders by contacting their district’s safety office, which will use the eBuy2 system to purchase the vests.

The ambassadors’ program is also continuing to seek volunteers.

“The Postal Service urges employees to volunteer for this important program. This is an opportunity to make a difference for you and your co-workers,” said Safety and OSHA Compliance Manager Linda DeCarlo.

To apply, talk to your supervisor. The Safety Toolkit site has more information.