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Woman writing letter

Lauren Sanderson makes it a priority to read and respond to her fan mail.

The 22-year-old Los Angeles-based singer and rapper writes 15-20 letters to her fans each week, an impressive task considering Sanderson is touring and recently signed with Epic Records.

“I’ve always been a letter person,” she told NPR this month.

Sanderson, whose songs include “Universe,” “Oceans” and “Written in the Stars,” said letters are more meaningful than instant forms of communication.

“I just think it makes it more personal,” she said.

Sanderson is the latest musician to encourage people to use the mail. Earlier this year, John Mayer also invited fans to send him handwritten letters.

Much of the Sanderson’s mail comes from young fans who struggle with their identities and confide in her.

As her popularity grows, fans shouldn’t worry about her forgetting about them. She promises to keep writing back, even if she makes it big.

“Your words are special. Your feelings matter,” she said.