Dress for success

Group of neatly dressed postal workers

USPS has introduced a pictorial guidebook that managers and supervisors can use to help ensure employees wear their uniforms properly.

Postal Uniform Guidelines features images of employees wearing appropriate attire. The head-to-toe photographs show actual uniformed employees who serve the public, including letter carriers, retail associates and motor vehicle operators.

“Every day, we deliver to more than 157 million delivery points and see more than 2.8 million retail customers,” said Brand Marketing Executive Director Chris Karpenko. “Each and every interaction is an opportunity to represent the Postal Service in who we are.”

USPS has more than 301,000 employees who each receive an annual allowance to purchase uniforms from authorized providers.

The Postal Service wants managers and supervisors to use the guidebook as a reference tool, sharing it with employees when needed to ensure they understand uniform rules and requirements.

The book is available in a digital format on the Postal Communicator’s Toolbox, a Blue site. USPS plans to distribute hard copies of the book before the holiday season.

“We don’t just deliver letters and flats and packages, we deliver the USPS brand every time we engage with our customers,” said Karpenko.