Repeat customer

Finn Blumenthal

Employees at the Falmouth Post Office in Fredericksburg, VA, are watching Finn Blumenthal grow up.

Finn, a 4-year-old fan of the Post Office, has been a regular customer in between surgeries he’s had to treat his congenital heart disease.

“He comes in and he’s so happy and friendly to everybody,” said Retail Associate Nikki McKenney.

Doctors say Finn has done great since his most recent open-heart surgery in September 2017.

“His heart is exactly as they left it, which is perfect,” said Kelly Blumenthal, Finn’s mom. “It’s such a relief to know that he can just live.”

She added: “We signed him up for preschool, and he can even do a sport if he wants to.”

Finn gets to spend more time at the Post Office now, where he still receives mail and packages, including more than 100 cards at Christmastime.

In December, Kelly came up with a sweet idea to thank employees: She dressed Finn in an elf suit and took him to the Post Office, where he passed out holiday chocolates to everyone.

“We loved it,” said Retail Associate Bridget Dunivan. “It was nice to have him come in.”

Finn loved his visit, too — especially seeing all the packages in the back of the Post Office.

“He thought it was really Santa’s workshop,” said Kelly. “He asked me if they were magic elves, and I said, ‘Yes.'”

Good call

San Diego District Consumer Affairs Associate Christina Balignasa McLeod

Christina Balignasa McLeod understands the importance of telephone etiquette.

The San Diego District consumer affairs associate and five co-workers field approximately 65 customer calls a day. McLeod strives to treat each caller with courtesy and respect.

“I love dealing with customers’ issues and providing resolutions,” she says.

USPS encourages this kind of approach. By improving customer service, the organization wants to build loyalty and increase revenue.

To help employees who serve customers over the phone, McLeod offers these tips:

• Introduce yourself. “I always try to greet customers with a positive attitude,” she says.

• Listen. If a customer is calling to report a problem, empathize and show you care about his or her concerns.

• Be helpful. If the caller wants to let you know about a misdelivery, a missing package or another mishap, apologize and let the caller know you will do everything you can to provide a resolution.

McLeod’s most important advice: If a caller is irate, don’t argue with him or her.

“Let them vent,” she says. “Remember, they’re just frustrated because they feel they didn’t get the service they paid for.”

“Best Practices,” a series on employees who demonstrate on-the-job excellence, appears regularly in Link.

Bottoms up

Bottled drinking water service

The new eBuy2 catalog for Nestle 5-gallon bottled drinking water service is now available.

Here’s what you should know:

• Postal Service facilities that currently receive service from Nestle should complete a new eBuy2 requisition to fund service for the remainder of fiscal 2019, which ends Sept. 30.

• Facilities that started new service from Nestle in December 2018 using the Nestle order request form must complete an eBuy2 requisition for 10 months of quantity to cover fiscal 2019.

• Facilities with existing service that didn’t have a valid eBuy2 purchase order to fund through Dec. 30, 2018, must complete an eBuy2 requisition for 12 months of quantity to cover fiscal 2019.

• Facilities with existing service that had a valid eBuy2 purchase order to fund through Dec. 30, 2018, must complete an eBuy2 requisition for nine months of quantity to cover the remainder of fiscal 2019.

• Facilities that want to make a new request must confirm service through Nestle by calling 800-950-9907 or by sending an email to Provide your “ship to” address and ZIP Code prior to completing an eBuy2 requisition to start the service.

Refer to the new Material Logistics Bulletin MLB-CO-19-001 for instructions on how to complete the eBuy2 requisition.

For additional information, email Purchasing and Supply Management Specialist Sijo Sunny or call 214-819-7118.

News Briefs

Information sharing

Chief FOIA Officer’s Award

FOIA Award. The Postal Service recently honored Marina Dejo-Nicholson, a labor relations systems manager, for her efforts to respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Dejo-Nicholson, who works at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, received a Chief FOIA Officer’s Award.

The quarterly program recognizes employees who respond to requests in a timely manner and help USPS foster transparency.

NPF catalog. The National Postal Forum site now features an online edition of this year’s catalog.

The catalog lists highlights for each day of the annual conference, which will be held from May 5-8 in Indianapolis, along with an overview of more than 100 educational workshops.

PRC appointment. Michael Kubayanda was sworn in last week as a member of the Postal Regulatory Commission, an independent federal agency that provides regulatory oversight of USPS. The news release has more information.

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