Striving for excellence

Donna Dyches, a mail processing clerk at the Columbia, SC, Processing and Distribution Center, strives to deliver accurate, timely scans.

Donna Dyches takes scanning seriously.

The Columbia, SC, mail processing clerk knows that scanning allows customers to track their mail and packages online, making it a critical component of the Postal Service’s efforts to deliver excellent customer experiences.

“People have information readily available at their fingertips to locate their packages,” she says. “Each package [must be] handled with care, scanned accurately and efficiently, with each customer’s expectations in mind.”

To help employees like Dyches, USPS offers the following scanning guidelines:

• Pay attention. Scanning barcodes aren’t always on the front of packages, so you might have to look for them.

• Be timely. Make sure you scan packages at the right time and at the correct location. For example, if you work in delivery, don’t scan a parcel as “delivered” until it has actually been delivered.

• Remember the big picture. Accurate and reliable scanning helps USPS deliver better service, which improves customers’ experiences and drives loyalty.

Says Dyches: “[E]very mailpiece and the services we provide [are] as important to us as they are to our customers.”

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