Relationship matters

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USPS is reminding employees that they can’t participate in postal matters that could affect the financial interest of someone in their household.

This also includes participating in postal matters concerning other people an employee might have a relationship with.

“Employees should consider whether a reasonable person with knowledge of the facts would question their impartiality due to their connection to the outside person or entity,” said Acting Associate General Counsel and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Natalie Bonanno.

USPS employees can’t be involved in postal matters that affect:

  • Relatives with a close, personal relationship
  • A person or entity for whom the employee’s spouse, parent or dependent child serves as an officer, director, general partner, employee, consultant or contractor
  • A person or entity for which the employee served within the past 12 months as an officer, director, general partner, employee, consultant or contractor
  • An organization, other than a political party, in which the employee is a participant

If an employee is concerned that a relationship would raise a question about impartiality, he or she should discuss the matter with the USPS Ethics Office.

The Ethics Office will help employees determine whether they should disqualify themselves from the situation or whether an authorization to continue working on the matter is appropriate.

Throughout 2019, the Postal Service is educating employees about the federal government’s principles and standards of ethical conduct.

In addition to maintaining impartiality, the campaign has covered community service activities, misuse of position, avoiding conflicts of interest and the general standards of ethical conduct.

For further guidance, email the Ethics Office at