Safe travels

Person using a handheld device

If your summer plans include traveling abroad on the Postal Service’s behalf, remember that you — in your role as a USPS employee or contractor — are the first line of defense in protecting the organization against malicious acts.

You can help by leaving your Postal Service-issued electronic devices — including laptops, iPads and smartphones — at home. Only authorized employees and contractors traveling on official USPS business are allowed to take these devices with them while visiting other countries.

Here are some additional tips from the CyberSafe at USPS team:

• Get authorized. International business travel with Postal Service-issued electronic devices requires authorization, which should be submitted at least 21 days prior to travel.

Apply for an international virtual private network (VPN). Use the USPS-approved international VPN to connect to the internet, even when you’re using a personal hotspot.

Don’t install unauthorized software. Applications such as WhatsApp or other social media apps aren’t allowed on Postal Service-issued electronic devices.

Don’t connect to unknown Wi-Fi. Use the personal hot spot on your USPS mobile device instead.

Secure your equipment. Don’t leave electronic devices unsecured or unattended anywhere, even in private places such as hotel rooms.

Keep it close. Don’t place electronic devices in checked baggage. Always keep them with you in your carry-on during travel.

Report any loss, theft or unauthorized access to any USPS-issued devices to the Cybersecurity Operations Center by emailing and calling the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455.

The CyberSafe at USPS Blue and LiteBlue pages have additional information.