Staying safe

Employee looks at website on computer.

The Postal Service has introduced the Safety Dashboard, an online resource that will provide users with accurate, timely data on accidents.

The Safety Dashboard offers total accident rates, accident counts by type and accident trends, including forecast projections.

Users can also access detailed data by category, such as a motor vehicle tab that lists the severity of each accident; the vehicle’s direction, type and route; the type of employees involved; and more.

Another tab has data on industrial accidents, including the severity of each accident, the cause and the type of employees involved.

Users will also be able to upload and export summary accident data to assist in designing effective accident reduction plans for their areas of responsibility. Additionally, users can share charts and other information by emailing links to their employees or co-workers.

“Safety is a core value for the Postal Service, and we encourage managers, supervisors and others to use the Safety Dashboard in support of our efforts to make our workplaces safe for all employees,” said Safety Director Linda DeCarlo.

The Safety Dashboard is available to any employee with an ACE ID and password at the facility, district, area and national levels.

Employees who have questions should contact their local safety coordinator.