Military survey

The Postal Service is encouraging employees who are military members, veterans or spouses of veterans to complete a voluntary self-identification survey using a new application on HERO.

“Completing this survey will allow the Postal Service to update its data, which can help us improve the workplace for veterans, current military members and employees who are veterans’ spouses,” said Employee Resource Management Vice President Simon Storey. “With more than 100,000 employees who are veterans, we want to show our support for military families.”

While the decision to self-identify is up to each individual, Storey notes that making employees aware of the option also helps the Postal Service comply with federal regulations related to military recruitment, hiring, advancement and retention.

The survey will be available year-round and employees can update their veteran or military status as needed. Employees who have been with the organization for 90 days or longer are asked to complete the survey by Thursday, April 30.

To complete the survey, employees should go to Blue or LiteBlue and log in to their HERO page, then go to the Quick Links carousel and select “Veterans Survey.”