New prices

The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has approved the temporary price increases for commercial domestic parcel products that USPS proposed last month.

Retail prices for parcel products are unaffected.

The planned commercial price increases for Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Package Service (FCPS) and Commercial Parcel Select will take effect Oct. 18 at 12 a.m. Central time and continue until Dec. 27 at 12 a.m. Central time. After that, prices will revert to 2020 prices.

Here are the current prices and temporary price increases:

Parcel Select Destination Entry DDU: starts at $3.19 (current), 24 cents (temporary increase)
Parcel Return Service: starts at $3.05 (current), 24 cents (temporary increase)
Parcel Select Lightweight: starts at $1.81 (current), 24 cents (temporary increase)
FCPS Commercial: starts at $2.74 (current), 25 cents (temporary increase)
Priority Mail Commercial: starts at $7.02 (current), 40 cents (temporary increase)
Parcel Select Ground: starts at $6.92 (current), 40 cents (temporary increase)
Parcel Select DSCF: starts at $4.37 (current), 40 cents (temporary increase)
Parcel Select DNDC: starts at $5.98 (current), 40 cents (temporary increase)
Priority Mail Express Commercial: starts at $22.75 (current), $1.50 (temporary increase)

The temporary price adjustments are in response to heightened package volume due to the coronavirus pandemicas well as expected increases in online shopping during the holidays.

The Postal Service’s Postal Explorer website has the price change tables.

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Investigating accidents

The Postal Service has introduced two resources to help managers, supervisors and others whose jobs involve investigating workplace accidents.

The USPS Accident Investigation Guide is an online publication that explains how to respond to an accident, collect data at the scene and analyze the information to prevent future accidents. Posters, checklists and an analysis template are included.

Additionally, the Postal Service has created a series of companion videos that show managers and supervisors how to use these tools.

“These new resources can be used to support those who are new to accident investigations as well as those who have been investigating accidents for years,” said Linda DeCarlo, occupational safety and health senior director. “By ensuring every accident is investigated, we want to help managers and supervisors identify root causes and take action to ensure future accidents don’t occur.”

The Accident Investigation Guide is available on the Resources for Safety and Health website, while the companion videos are on the National Safety BlueTube page.

Managers and supervisors who have questions can email the headquarters safety team.

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Ship to shore

The Postal Service will release its Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor stamp on Thursday, Sept. 17.

The Forever stamp, which USPS announced last year, commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival off the coast of Plymouth, MA.

The ship, which completed its perilous voyage on Dec. 16, 1620, carried 102 English passengers who became known as Pilgrims. The story of their settlement in America has become part of the larger story of the nation’s founding ideals.

Greg Breeding, a postal art director, designed the stamp, which artist Greg Harlin illustrated using a combination of watercolor, gouache and acrylics with some digital refining.

The stamp will be available in panes of 20 at Post Offices and

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