Just $1

A new Postal Service video encourages every USPS worker to give $1 from each paycheck to the charity of their choice during the Combined Federal Campaign.

“If everyone gives a little, we can achieve something amazing,” the narrator says.

The campaign, also known as the CFC, allows federal workers to contribute to more than 7,000 charities, including groups that focus on animals, civil rights, military veterans, LGBT support and the environment.

Because the Postal Service has about 630,000 workers, if each one donated $26 per year, approximately $16 million could be raised.

In addition to paycheck donations, the video explains other options to participate — including one-time donations and monthly gifts — and notes that donations are needed more than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The GiveCFC.org website has additional information.

Says the narrator: “You may not notice one less dollar in your paycheck, but together, our small gifts are powerful.”

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