Stock up

The Postal Service has surplus quantities of hand sanitizer — widely used to prevent transmission of the coronavirus — available to ship to facilities for employees’ use.

Supply Management has temporarily removed internal catalog quantity limitations and streamlined the ordering of this product.

Facilities can order cases of 8-ounce Purell Gel Instant Pump or 16-ounce Purell Flip Cap hand sanitizer from the Topeka, KS, Material Distribution Center (MDC) catalog on eBuy Plus. Each case contains 12 units.

MDC supplies are available at no cost to the field. Facilities can still use purchase cards to order hand sanitizer from other eBuy Plus catalog sources, but this can result in added expenses for the Postal Service.

Facilities can also order disposable pleated face masks from the MDC. The minimum order is one box, which contains 50 individual masks; the maximum order is 40 boxes, or 2,000 masks.

As part of its continuing effort to keep employees safe during the coronavirus pandemic, the Postal Service advises facilities to have a 30-to-45-day supply of cleaning and disinfectant products, hand soaps and sanitizer, paper towels, disposable face masks, gloves and other materials on hand at all times.

The COVID-19 Employee Resources Blue page has the latest update on available supplies.