Cybersafety first

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an observance whose importance has grown exponentially since it was established in 2004.

The theme chosen by the USPS Corporate Information Security Office this year — Stay CyberSafe and Deliver for America — emphasizes the critical role cybersecurity plays in supporting the Delivering for America plan.

A good first step for postal employees is to go to the USPS CyberSafe page, which offers:

• Monthly awareness campaigns with posters, infographics, newsletters and other resources that explain cybersecurity best practices for work and home;

CyberSafe Guardians, a resource hub for the volunteers who spread cybersecurity awareness best practices to their co-workers;

Virtual awareness activities that provide prepackaged activities that can be tailored to individual teams to help instill best practices and USPS policy awareness;

CyberSafe Studio, short and entertaining videos made by the USPS Training and Awareness team that put cyberthreats into real-life scenarios; and

Incident reporting information for lost or stolen devices and for the Postal Service’s phishing initiative — Report to CyberSafe.

The CyberSafe team will update the site with additional materials related to the awareness month throughout October.